Coin Listing

  • Listing instructions

    In order to protect the interests of investors, the CryptonClub digital currency exchange will conduct multi-dimensional review of the content filled in by the project party. Please ask each project party to fill out the registration carefully and ensure that the content is authentic and reliable.

  • Currency description

    We sincerely hope that all coins on the exchange can maintain long-term value and continuous trading, but (including but not limited to) the following currencies may be delisted:

    1. The price fell below 50% of the issue price, and there were no signs of improvement for several consecutive days

    2. Low trading volume for several consecutive days, even zero transactions

    3. The project party has major negative news

    4. Use of false information

    We expect CryptonClub digital currency exchange two kinds of coins on the way can outstanding innovative projects and digital assets CryptonClub users to connect digital currency exchange efficiently select quality projects, while safeguarding the interests of investors, and with the user, The project parties jointly promote the healthy development of the blockchain and digital asset industries.

    CryptonClub digital currency exchange will subsequently improve the rules of the event based on actual operating conditions and user feedback.


    1. The project will not be considered if it does not meet the basic shelf conditions (such as being identified as MLM coins / Air coins/ Ponzi Coin).

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